How to choose the right glasses

Choosing the right eye glasses is a big decision for both your face, your style, and your image!

*Face Illustrations courtesy of Success Thru Style

How do you feel about the glasses that you currently wear? Do they communicate to the outside world who you are? Do you feel like a million bucks when you put them on?

Accessorizing with glasses all year round is a fun way to express yourself. There are frames that match every personality, whether you like a retro, classic, or "cool" look.

Here's an acronym we use to help clients remember all these details: GETSPECS!

  • G - Go Up (Fight gravity as you age)

  • E - Equal Distant (Use your pupil distance measurement to achieve symmetry - PD)

  • T - Temples (Don't let the temples touch your face, but they should be close)

  • S - Shape (Compliment the shape of your face)

  • P - Personal Brand (Express your wholly individual you!)

  • E - Eyebrows (Mimic the shape of your eyebrows or cover them altogether)

  • C - Color (Compliment your complexion: warm or cool)

  • S - Scale (Big people can wear bigger glasses and still look good. Small people, be mindful of scale)

Life is too short to not feel great about how we look! If you're nervous about changing up your personal style and making some changes to your beauty, clothing, and accessory routine, we're here for you. We're ready to coach you toward authentic confidence that aligns with your wants and needs and brings out your unique style. I hope this PDF will be a tool to help you along the way.

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