Episode 69

Episode 69

April 16, 20241 min read

Episode 69: Exploring Hypnotherapy

When you hear the word Hypnotherapy, do you think of someone making you do things outside of your control? In all honesty, that’s what we thought, or at least one of us…..

But as you will learn from our distinguished guest (and only second male guest ever!) Thomas Metzinger, hypnotherapy does not have to include barking like a dog, or doing other things on command.

In this episode Thomas, Clinical Social Work/Therapist LCSW, CCHT, will explain the intriguing world of Hypnotherapy, who can benefit from it, and how it can be a very useful tool in battling bad habits, amongst other things. 

Listeners be aware! Thomas' voice is VERY soothing, so you might want to put this episode on instant replay!

Thomas link: https://suggestiblemind.com/

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