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Episode 58

January 30, 20241 min read

Episode 58: Beauty Confidential - with Dr Anita Saluja

The fountain of youth - is there such a thing? As discussed a couple of episodes ago, aging is fantastic - but do we want it to show on our faces??!!

To get all the inside scoop into the latest and greatest in the world of beauty and anti-aging, we turned to a true expert - Dr Anita Seluja. And guess what, not only is she an aesthetic board-certified dermatologist, but she is also the number one most experienced Botox, Dysport, filler, and Sculptra injector in central Florida and the top 50 in the US!

Dr. Saluja will take us through everything - from professional procedures to at-home regimens we all can do, “Beauty Cakes”, and her philosophy that “injectables shouldn’t be detectable.” 

Tune in and learn from the best!

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